South West Community Groundworks Grants



The South West Community Groundworks Grants provides fundingof between $5,000 and $25,000 to the South West Landcare community to address NLP priorities through on-ground focused projects and related activities.

The grants aim to support projects that protect biodiversity and sites of ecological value, support sustainable management of agriculture and aquaculture, increase the skills and knowledge of the local community in NRM and other priority activities identified within local and regional NRM plans and strategies.

2015/16 has seen the successful roll out of Rounds 1 and 2. A total of 24 grant agreements have been approved and on-ground works implementation has commenced with 14 Landcare groups, 4 local governments, 4 individual landholders and 2 school groups.

So far, these projects have facilitated a range of activities and outcomes;

  • 10 community events
  • 89km fencing, protecting 68ha of remnant vegetation
  • 21,060 seedlings planted, revegetating 10ha
  • 4 ha of weed Control

In addition, Round 3 of the Community Groundworks Grants waslaunched on 11 April by the then Minister for Environment, Honourable Greg Hunt MP. This funding round closed on 20 June, with 20 applications received from a range of groups and landholders.  A concentrated advertising campaign by has contributed to the success of this project.

“The Community Groundworks Grants has been a great initiative to involve and engage the local community in protecting and restoring our natural environment.”

Ryan Munro, SWCC.


It is hoped that Round 3 funded projects will facilitate further positive outcomes for the South West environment and provide support to community Landcare. SWCC will continue to work with all of the funding recipients to complete their locally driven projects successfully.


The Community Groundworks Grants are part of SWCC’s commitment to engaging, supporting and building the capacity of grassroots, community driven Landcare in the South West.


  • 14 Landcare groups
  • 4 local governments
  • 4 individual landholders
  • 2 school groups


Round 1 complete and funding awarded


Round 1 and 2 complete and funding awarded

Round 2 released to community

Round 3 released to community

Project Manager

Ryan Munro

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