Vasse Wonnerup Restoration



The Vasse-Wonnerup Restoration Project aims to protect and enhance the ecological values of the internationally significant Vasse-Wonnerupwetland system.

This wetland system is listed under theRamsar Convention, an inter-governmental, multilateral treaty on the conservation of designated Wetlands of International Importance.

SWCC has partnered with the Department of Parks and Wildlife to undertake rehabilitation at key sites within the Vasse-Wonnerup Wetlands. The project has progressed to prepare the sites for revegetation and in June the 6.5ha was planted with 41,518 seedlings.

Over the past year, three sites have undergone 24ha of site preparation activities, including 9ha of initial weed treatment, 4.5ha of earthworks and 10.5ha of follow-up weed treatment.

Then in June, 41,518 seedlings were planted across 6.5ha, enhancing habitat and roosting sites for migratory birds and other species. Rabbit (Oryctolaguscuniculus) control has also been undertaken across 14ha,to protect the revegetation sites from herbivory.

The revegetation work will reduce the impacts of historical landuse and disturbances such as habitat loss, fragmentation and land degradation, by establishing a vegetated corridor between adjacent forest and the Vasse-WonnerupRamsar wetlands. It will also protect and restore the riparian area of the wetlands and promote ecosystem function, resilience and biodiversity.

“The Vasse-Wonnerup Wetland System is such as important national and international asset. It is exciting seeing the sites planted with over 40,000 seedlings, which will provide essential habitat for migrating birds and other species”.

Pip Marshall, Project Manager.


This partnership project with Parks and Wildlife will continue, with infill plantings planned for the revegetation sites in June 2017.

Other planned activities also include continued efforts to reduce weeds and pests at the sites, to ensure the revegetation establishes successfully and is protected into the future.


Historically, the Vasse Wonnerup wetlands, estuary and Geographe Bay were a major food source for Wardandi Noongar peoples. There are sixteen Aboriginal heritage sites listed by Department of Aboriginal Affairs within or close to the Vasse WonnerupRamsar Wetlands….”, (Vasse-Wonnerup ECD, 2007)


  • Department or Park & Wildlife

5ha weed treatment

10.5ha weed treatment

5ha pest management

14ha of pest management (rabbit control)

Project Manager

Pip Marshall

Key Partners

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