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As part of this project SWCC partners with local governments to deliver strategic Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) projectsin coastal areas across the South West NRM Region, to improve water quality of key water assets. SWCC also delivers targeted workshops providing training on best management WSUD practices, latest science and methodologies.

So far SWCC has developed partnerships with the Shire of Augusta-Margaret River, City of Bunbury and City of Busselton to undertake WSUD projects. The Shire of Augusta-Margaret River WSUD retrofit of the previously installed Margaret River bio-filtration basins is complete, the City of Bunbury’s WSUD upgrade at Leschenault Estuary is underway and the City of Busselton’s installation of a Gross Pollutant Trap is currently planned to protect the Vasse wetlands.

In 2015/16 SWCC has engaged 73 people at 3 targeted events focussing on ‘Operation and maintenance of vegetated stormwater systems’, ‘Aquatic Weed Management for Decision Makers’, and ‘Aquatic Weed Management for Operators’.

The City of Bunbury has been contracted by SWCC to implement WSUD to treat urban and road surface water runoff before entering the Leschenault Estuary.

The Shire of Augusta-Margaret River, in partnership with SWCC, have undertaken a WSUD retrofit of the Margaret River bio-filtration basins to meet ‘Water Quality Improvement Best Management Practice’ standards.

The City of Busselton have been engaged to install a Gross Pollutant Trap to protect the Vasse wetlands, developa WSUD asset inventory and maintenance plan for the City’s WSUD infrastructure, and delivera training workshop for WSUD monitoring and maintenance.

“It is exciting to be partnering with local government to implement Water Sensitive Urban Design projects to protect key water assets such as estuaries and wetlands.”

Pip Marshall, Project Manager.


The City of Busselton has been engaged to undertake the following future actions;

  • Installation of a Gross Pollutant Trap at Layman Road to protect Vasse wetland
  • Development of a WSUD asset inventory and maintenance plan for the City’s WSUD infrastructure
  • Delivery of a training workshop for WSUD monitoring & maintenance

It is anticipated that the City of Bunbury’sWSUDproject will be completed by December 2016and a WSUD workshop is planned to be undertaken in partnership with the Department of Water.


Biofilters (also known as biofiltration systems, bioretention systems and rain gardens), a type of WSUD, are excavated basins or trenches that are filled with porous filter media and planted with vegetation. This captures and removes pollutants from stormwater runoffthat would otherwise be carried through piped drains into our rivers, wetlands and estuaries and impact on water quality.


  • City of Bunbury
  • Shire of Augusta-Margaret River

1 water sensitive urban design structure installed

1 water sensitive urban design structure installed

1 workshop held

3 workshops held

Project Manager

Pip Marshall

Key Partners

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